Are You Ready to Create Your Legacy?

Philanthropy Consulting Services

Implementing your strategy requires experience combined with creativity. We will maximize the impact of your generosity with innovative solutions that solidify your philanthropic legacy.

Get Holistic Wealth Management From Our Philanthropic Advisors

Your philanthropic effort is all about using your resources to accomplish meaningful goals that change people’s lives for the better. Where you focus your philanthropic time, talents and financial investments determines the nature of you and your family’s legacy.

  • Will you dedicate your efforts to a university, museum, hospital, or church?
  • Will you offer financial backing to a local food bank, emergency shelter, or community library?
  • Would your assets be best used in the public or private sector?

Answering these questions is a good start toward developing a comprehensive philanthropy plan.

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Planned Giving Requires a Strategy

If you’re a donor hoping to make a difference in people’s lives by leaving behind a charitable legacy, we have the tools to help you fully realize your mission. Philanthropy can make a difference in every sector of society and culture such as healthcare, human rights, and the environment, for example.

Our Planned Giving Advisors Can Help

The economic impact of philanthropy is considerable but there is far more to this endeavor than merely giving away money.

That’s where our philanthropy advisors come into the equation. Our commitment to helping you achieve your goals will help you create a legacy that makes other people’s lives better.