Case Study on Nonprofit Fundraising Where We Increased Donor Revenue by 50% and Volunteerism by 40%

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Capital Campaign Plan for Food for the Hungry | Phoenix, AZ

Our approach was well thought out and planned six months to a year in advance of the annual fundraiser. The radio network and Food for the Hungry both wanted to create a compelling donor experience that moved people to respond the day of the event.

We limited the amount of advertising spots, played inspirational music between segments, had multiple call-in interviews and included pre-recorded interviews with celebrities who were not available the day of the event, which reduced the risk of technical difficulties.

Some of the most memorable interviews were from Food for the Hungry field staff who called in ‘live’ from their respective countries. During those interviews, listeners could actually hear background traffic, children crying and animal noises. These interviews created credibility which made the show more authentic.

In addition, we actually had one-on-one interviews with celebrities who were actually sponsoring children through our organization. Their interviews were heart-felt because they had personal connections with the children they sponsored through Food for the Hungry.

Food for the Hungry's Capital Campaign Goals

Goals for this fundraising initiative were of both short- & long-term nature.

Our Short-Term Fundraising Goals Included

  • Increase the number of new donors year over year
  • Keep overhead low
  • Increase the amount of donor revenue
  • Attract new celebrities who didn’t have a partnership with the organization

Our Long-Term Capital Campaign Goals Included

  • Create more awareness about the good work Food for the Hungry was engaged in worldwide
  • Increase the number of children and families helped
  • Educate and inspire the radio network listeners so more followers would have a passion for volunteering through the nonprofit and connect with them to become a volunteer

Our Approach to Ensure Donor Engagement

Throughout this one day radio-a-thon, I had an established call center staffed with individuals who were well equipped to answer questions and take donations.

Occasionally, I offered incentives regarding music give-a-ways from a select group of our celebrity partners. However, Food for the Hungry would only give these gifts to those donors who sponsored children for a set number of months.

After the broadcast aired, Food for the Hungry was ready to provide timely follow-up so momentum was not lost and donors received five-star customer service. Our monthly collateral was tailored to this specific event.

Outcome - Our Capital Campaign Plan Was a Success

The radio-a-thon fundraisers exceeded Food for the Hungry’ s expectations year over year. Here are some of the noteworthy highlights the team was pleased to experience:

  • Because of the partnership between Food for the Hungry and the radio network, one million children and their families were provided with much-needed necessities as well as educational opportunities.
  • Food for the Hungry experienced a 25% increase in new donor acquisition.
  • Throughout the lifespan of the collaboration, Food for the Hungry benefitted from a 50% increase in donor revenue.
  • The collective effort resulted in only 10% overhead. Volunteerism rose to 40% due to the exposure on the network.

A Message From Our Founder

As the "lead" over this project, as well as one of the co-hosts of the broadcast, I was both honored and privileged to play a role in seeing many lives impacted and revenue generated from these fundraising events.

We look forward to speaking with you about how our experience can benefit your organization.