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Premier Fundraising Consultants Brings You Over 28 Years of Experience

Few fundraising consulting companies offer such a diverse array of services under one umbrella. Our familiarity with nonprofit fundraising, philanthropy, and corporate social responsibility makes us uniquely suited to fulfill your goals and objectives by taking full advantage of our diverse resource network.

We Serve Nonprofits, Corporations & Philanthropists

Whether you’re a nonprofit hoping to make a difference, a philanthropist seeking to leave a legacy, or a corporation hoping to make a lasting impression on your employees and communities in which you do business, you need a solution that nurtures the spark of your creative vision.

We Design & Implement Comprehensive Strategies

Premier Fundraising Consultants will design and implement comprehensive strategies that help you make a larger impact, whether you operate locally, nationally, or globally. We are experts at developing successful campaigns for our partners by building trust throughout the collaborative process.

Our Results-Oriented Approach Has Worked for Our Diverse Set of Clients

After clearly identifying your goals, our experienced consultants will work with you to create tools, solve problems, and foster growth at an affordable price. You can trust our results-oriented approach because we’ve personally served thousands of donors, secured millions of philanthropic investments, led development professionals, and been accountable for robust budgets.

In other words: We know how to serve your needs because we’ve walked in your shoes. We would love to hear about your unique opportunities and challenges, so contact us today so we can help you realize your goals.

Nonprofit Consulting & Project Work

We are equipped to assist corporations and nonprofits grow their organizations, and protect their operations and employees, and partner with philanthropists to create giving legacies. Our thorough training and direct work experiences with former employers makes us uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of your needs. Premier Fundraising Consultants is here to provide consultative services as well as project work.


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Corporate Social Responsibility


Philanthropic Advisor

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Consultative Work

Why Premier Fundraising Consultants?

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From Grant Writing to Marketing Plans to High-Caliber Events, We Can Help

Our clients have benefited from a wide array of experience including, but not limited to the following. Premier Fundraising Consultants have:

  • Written grants
  • Produced high-caliber events
  • Created annual fund campaigns
  • Secured major and planned gifts
  • Developed volunteer, mid-level and stewardship programs
  • Represented high-net-worth investors
  • Served corporations and foundations
  • Led capital campaigns
  • Conducted fundraising and marketing assessments
  • Developed copy for social media, email communications, and direct mail
  • Created inspirational programs
  • Produced fundraising and marketing plans

Over 28 Years of Experience

We Have the Tools

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Competitive Pricing

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